About MML

We pride ourselves on being a strategic partner in serving one of the oldest and most vital transport systems in the world – the railway.

Modern Manufacturing Limited is a privately owned, North American based custom manufacturer of high precision metal fabrications, specializing in aluminum, stainless steel, and other high-strength metals.

Our company’s success in market leadership and advanced innovation is manifested in its long-standing relationships with some of the biggest class 1 railways in North America.

We provide advanced signaling solutions in the areas of signal masts, signal bridges, electronic component houses, LED color light products, and other related railway products.

Delivering an exceptional product when our client needs it most, Modern Manufacturing Limited is here to be your source and partner for reliable service and custom solutions.

Our Mission

Modern Manufacturing Limited is a leading manufacturer of railway signal and control structures
in North America.

We continually deliver signal & control products and housings that allows the railway industry to operate smoothly and meet all safety concerns and requirements plus deliver innovative designs that stand up to any environmental challenge.